About Me:
Richard Vallett is a Mechanical Engineering PhD Candidate in Drexel University's College of Engineering. He is a member of both Drexel University's MET-lab and Shima Seiki Haute Tech Lab and is a former member of the Drexel Autonomous Systems Lab (DASL), now DASL@UNLV. Richard's research interests include robotics and control systems as well as electric textiles and wearable sensors. Richard's current research project involves developing a capacitive touch-based knitted sensor to allow tactile interaction with a humanoid robot.

Richard has served as a teaching fellow in the Mechanical Engineering Department. Past course topics include control systems, statics, dynamics, and product design and development. Richard has also served as a project advisor for undergraduate student design teams.


  • MSME - Drexel University, 2012
  • BSME - Drexel University, 2012