Shaun Barry


I am a 3rd year undergraduate student at Drexel University pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering. I've been playing music since the age of 7, focusing on playing piano, guitar, and saxophone in jazz, rock, and fusion/avant-garde settings. My deep interest in performing and listening to music sparked my interest in electronics while I was in high school, where I spent much of my time building synthesizers and radios. I joined the MET-lab after I participated in the Students Tackling Advanced Research (STAR) program my freshman year to pursue my interests in:

  • Generating music and art using recent advancements in deep learning
  • Music information retrieval
  • Developing novel musical interfaces


  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Drexel University, Pennoni Honors College (Anticipated Graduation: June, 2019)
    • Concentration: Digital Signal Processing

Current Projects

  • Representation learning in audio
  • Developing creative agents for jazz improvisation using reinforcement learning
  • Visualizing audio using compressed representations

Past Projects